KISS Group

Newport Group

Beebe Group

Wing and a Prayer Group, Batesville, AR

  • Phone Number:  870-793-3857

Beebe Group, Beebe, AR

  • Phone Number:  501-827-2129


Cabot Group, Cabot, AR

  • Phone Number:  479-616-6271​


Searcy Group, Kensett, AR

  • Phone Number: 501-388-1824

      or 303-881-1629

Main Street Fellowship Group

District 6 AA Group's Contact Information

Searcy Group/Turning Point Group

Cabot Group

Lyon Street Group

Main Street Fellowship Group Batesville, AR

  • Phone Number:  870-251-2421


Lyon Street Group, Batesville, AR

  • Phone Number:  870-834-3932


New Hope Group, Heber Springs, AR

  • Phone Number:  870-818-1003

New Hope Group

AA Group Maps

Wing and a Prayer Group

Turning Point Group, Kensett, AR

  • Phone Number:  501-593-7662


Newport First Step Group, Newport, AR

  •  Phone Number:  870-664-0917​             or  (870) 623-6838

KISS Group, Newport, AR

  • Phone Number:  870-664-1425